LinkedIn is the Best Social Media

LinkedIn is more effective social media platform than others for digital marketing. Some reasons are: It is a Sacramento social media network rather than an entertaining platform. Professionals and students are using this platform for career growth.

When most people talk about social media, they’re usually referring to platforms like Facebook or Instagram, but rarely think of LinkedIn as part of the vast array of social media platforms available.

We tend to assume that LinkedIn isn’t such a valuable place to be and often, even businesses make this mistake, assuming that it would be far more beneficial to focus on their presence on Twitter, for example. There is a logic behind this – LinkedIn is a place for businesses, but I’m looking to advertise to real people, and they are going to be on other, more laid-back platforms, so I might as well go there, too.

First of all, let’s address the question that people always ask when I tell them to focus on LinkedIn: why do we have to choose? Sure, LinkedIn might be great, but why not also use Twitter, and Facebook, and Pinterest, and Instagram, and Google+?

For huge blogs there might be enough people on board to cover lots of tasks at the same time, and hire different people who are all really good at different things.

But most bloggers are one-person shops – especially with those blogs in their early days. We’re the writer, the designer, the marketer, and the public face of the business.

We simply don’t have the time to do everything.

To be everywhere.

To connect with everyone.

So, if we can’t do everything, we have to recognize that we’re faced with a choice: we can do many things badly, or we can do a few things really well.

If we want to succeed, we have to focus.

And that means concentrating our efforts where we think they’ll have the most impact.

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