Personal Injury Lawsuits Against the Government

Sacramento County has settled the largest civil lawsuit in its history, agreeing to pay more than $25 million following a July 2017 crash involving a sheriff’s patrol SUV that left a 10-year-old girl with permanent brain damage.

The family of now-12-year-old Julian Awad will receive a personal injury settlement in the total amount of approximately $27 million, including legal fees, set to be paid by the county and its insurers starting Thursday, the Awads’ attorneys told The Sacramento Bee.

Sacramento-based attorneys Robert Buccola and Jason Sigel disclosed details and provided photos, a California Highway Patrol collision report and Sacramento County sheriff’s dash cam video from the incident, a two-vehicle crash around 12:20 a.m. July 14, 2017, at the intersection of Pope and Fulton avenues in the Arden Arcade area.

A Honda CRV traveling south on Fulton Avenue, driven by Julian’s father, Raed Awad, and carrying Julian, her mother, Nevin Awad, and two other siblings as passengers, was stopped in a two-way turn lane waiting to make a left turn onto eastbound Pope Avenue, according to the CHP collision report.

The Honda started to make a left turn at the three-way intersection when it was struck by a marked sheriff’s patrol SUV heading north on Fulton Avenue, causing a violent collision, dash cam video showed. Neither direction of Fulton Avenue at that intersection is controlled by a stop sign or traffic signal.

The sheriff’s deputy had been responding as a backup unit to a call of a “fight in progress,” according to CHP incident report, and the SUV did not have its emergency lights or siren activated. The call “came out just before the collision occurred,” according to the crash report.

There are countless ways a personal injury claim can arise against the government. You fall down faulty stairs in a government building, you're hit by a city bus, or you slip on oil at the DMV. Just like anyone else, the government can be held liable for causing you injuries. However, there are special legal issues to negotiate before you can sue the government. Read about them in this section.

Can You Sue the City for a Personal Injury?

If the city's negligence led to an accident that caused you injuries, you may have a personal injury case against the government.

Personal Injury Claims Against The Federal Government

Under The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), lawsuits can be filed against the federal government for injuries that occur on government property or due to accidents caused by federal employees.

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